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Project initiative checklist for consultants

When your client has hired you to complete a project, there are numerous factors to consider. But before starting a new project, it’s essential you ask the following questions to assess your client’s readiness. Without assurance on the three following components, there’s no guarantee any project will be successful.

Is leadership involved and committed?
Commitment from leadership is integral to the success of your project. Leaders influence project outcomes—either making sure things get done or impeding progress. Regardless of whether projects are cross-functional or live within a single department or team, every project should be treated as a business initiative.

Does the client have the capacity to execute?
Executing on projects requires a lot on the client’s part. That’s why it’s essential you determine the client is ready to set the appropriate time aside to manage tasks, maintain accountability, and coordinate support.

Is the client willing to implement and adopt recommended changes?
Going back to the notion that every project is a business initiative, it’s imperative client leadership be willing to not only implement the recommendations, but also drive employee adoption across the organization as necessary. 

Once you’ve answered the questions above, you’re ready to get started. Use this checklist to guide you in developing your project plan with your clients.