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How Builtech mitigated turnover—to the tune of nearly $200k in annual attrition-cost savings by using PI’s behavioral data



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Builtech, a general contracting and construction management firm, applied behavioral insights from The Predictive Index software to not only improve its hiring efforts, but reduce friction and mitigate conflict among its people.

The Opportunity

As its business portfolio and notoriety grew, Builtech faced challenges sustaining its success at scale. They needed the right people on certain projects, but they also needed to ensure those people were behaviorally suited to work well together.

The Solution

The talent optimization platform gave Builtech access to new insights. They could pinpoint their people’s strongest workplace behaviors, which helped them understand how they might complement one another, and how to mitigate the turnover that’s so common in construction.

The Results

Results Builtech has seen since implementing PI’s behavioral data in 2019 include:

  • 4% decrease in attrition rates
  • $180,000 saved annually in attrition costs
  • 7 workplace awards and an improved workplace culture
  • 100% of Builtech employees agree with the statement: “Our senior leaders value people as their most important resource.”
  • 85% of employees report being “highly engaged,” while none are “disengaged.”
  • 10/10 of the executive team members have been at Builtech for at least five years.


How exactly is Builtech built different? Download the full case study to see for yourself.

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