leadership book on a table
People Management

Luke Thomas is the head of growth at getAbstract, which finds and rates the top business books, articles, and video talks…

Managers can change culture within an organization
Company Culture

“I love the feeling of dread in the morning,” said no one ever. Yet somewhere today, someone you know—someone who may…

Hiring & Selection

Stacia Sherman Garr is a researcher and thought leader on talent management, leadership, D&I, people analytics, and HR technology. A…

employee in kitchen at lunch
Employee Engagement

Chris Butsch is a professional speaker who helps companies supercharge engagement, grow leaders, and keep their best people. He is a…

leaders in a workshop
People Management

The creation of self-control and calmness in difficult situations is something business leaders must master. We all have a story…

strategic HR leader at computer
Team Development

Strategic HR is becoming a major focus as organizations work hard to attract top talent, retain employees, and create high-performing, healthy cultures.

people management is easier with behavioral assessments
People Management

Author and LinkedIn thought leader Jeff Haden talks about people management, millennial managers, and even “chug points.”

Hiring & Selection

Fulfilling the point-person role to see projects through to fruition, project managers must be up for the challenge of spearheading…

leader sitting in office
People Management

Take a leadership lesson—or eight—from the annals of 2018. Let’s take a look back at the year that offered a slew of successes and a few cautionary tales.

HR can be a strategic partner
Hiring & Selection

The best HR professionals aren’t the compliance officers of old: they’re strategic partners in planning, org design, and driving the business to success.