Thad is grateful to work at The Predictive Index


Thad is grateful to work at The Predictive Index
Company Culture

True fact #1: Writing down the things we’re grateful for leads to increased happiness. True fact #2: Companies with happier…

Steve smells a Thanksgiving dish
Behavioral Assessments

I don’t follow recipes, and I’m nervously excited for Thanksgiving dinner. I love to cook, but I’m not exactly “by…

Consultant trains business leaders

The most successful executives are in a constant state of learning. You should always be looking for opportunities to learn,…

Hiring & Selection

When you’re building a team, you don’t just want to fill a seat—you want to find the right person, and…

People managers must deal with conflict
People Management

Victor Lipman is a management trainer and author. His online course on Udemy is The Manager’s Mindset and his book is “The…

human resources manager at desk
Hiring & Selection

A human resources manager plays a critical role in any business. As one of the people responsible for bringing in…

Accountants working in office
Hiring & Selection

It’s vital that your organization maintains accurate financial statements and records, and your accountant plays an indispensable role in this….

Happy engaged employees at desks
Employee Engagement

Chris Butsch is a professional speaker who helps companies supercharge engagement, grow leaders, and keep their best people. He is…

diverse employee stands outside workplace
Hiring & Selection

Vinayak Ranade is the Founder and CEO of Drafted, the best referral hiring solution.  Employee referrals are known to result in more…

Mike McKee on leadership lessons learned
Company Culture

From a Princeton pizza shop to the NHL, from Goldman Sachs to software solutions, Mike McKee, CEO and Director of…