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PI Hire Product Tour [ 7:15 ]

Hiring assessment tool

Resumes don't tell the whole truth.

But data does. Predict candidate success and make better hires.

A better way to hire

Job candidates want to be appealing, so they highlight their strengths and hide their weaknesses. Some even flat-out lie. You hire based on impressive resumes and cherry-picked references—but the truth comes out in the end. It’s either a match or it’s not. 

Use the PI Hire solution to weed out bad fits—and identify the right match for any role. Imagine how much time, effort, and money you’d save if you could predict candidate success.

Experience the PI Hire solution

The PI Hire solution

The PI Hire solution is a powerful framework for hiring candidates. From software to workshops to expert consulting, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to hire top talent and shift your company into high gear. 

Here’s how we can help:

PI Job Assessment™

You can’t make a smart hire without knowing what behaviors and cognitive ability the role requires. Create a Job Target before posting your job ad.

PI workforce assessments

Add rigor to your hiring process. Have each candidate take the PI Behavioral Assessment™ and the PI Cognitive Assessment™

Match Score

Save time with Match Score. Our platform stack ranks applicants based on behavioral fit and cognitive fit. Screening resumes has never been simpler.

Interview Guide

Interview with confidence. Use the recommended interview questions to probe into behavioral gaps between the candidate and the role. 

Ready. Aim. Hire.

If you’re not 100% sure who you need in a given role, don’t post your job ad. Otherwise, your hiring team is shooting in the dark. The PI Job Assessment guides you through creating a behavioral and cognitive profile for the role (we call it a Job Target). Use this profile to craft your job ad. Then let the PI platform stack rank candidates based on how well they match. 

Say goodbye to the old way of hiring. With PI, you have a clear target to aim for—plus the power to see how candidates really think and work.

Job fit matters. And so does team fit.

Our researchers have identified four forces that destroy employee engagement:

  • A mismatch between the employee and their Job
  • A mismatch between the employee and their Manager
  • A mismatch between the employee and the People on their team
  • A mismatch between the employee and the Organization

Most companies don’t consider how a new hire will effect the team—and they pay the price. Conflict. Toxicity. Disengagement. 

Avoid these problems by screening candidates for job fit and team fit. The PI Behavioral Assessment and PI Team Work Styles combine to predict new team dynamics. Our software shows you how candidates compare to existing team members—and how they’re likely to interact.

DocuSign saw a 21% increase in sales performance.

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