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Candidate Assessment Tool

Streamline the hiring process, improve the candidate experience, and increase retention rates by relying on scientifically-validated behavioral insights (instead of instincts) to find the right candidate for every role.

Inefficient hiring, lasting consequences

It’s all too easy for the wrong person to have the right resume. The hiring process can turn into an expensive and time-consuming gamble—with everything from company culture to team performance at stake.

  • Wasted resources: Sifting through a pile of resumes or sitting through interviews for not-quite-qualified candidates is a poor use of your hiring team’s time, energy, and effort.
  • Cultural misfits: Making hiring decisions based on experience and instinct may feel right, but the wrong cultural fit can have a lasting impact on team morale and engagement.
  • Lower productivity: A candidate who isn’t a good fit for a role is less likely to be satisfied with their work, and is more likely to be distracted, disengaged, or open to offers from recruiters.
  • High turnover rates: High turnover, frequent hiring, and repeated training and onboarding of new employees is disruptive to existing workflows, limiting collaborative efforts and innovation.

Better candidates, stronger teams

Find the best candidates, hire with confidence, and minimize turnover with scientifically-based assessment tools that offer data-driven behavioral insights.

  • Identify top talent: Improve the candidate experience and enhance the recruitment process with optimized job descriptions and interview questions.
  • Stay competitive: Improve the screening process so that you can identify the right talent quickly and with more accuracy, reducing time-to-hire.
  • Build better teams: Improve team cohesion by hiring based on behavioral insights, including strengths, weaknesses and caution areas, that make it easier to design teams with intention.
  • Increase productivity: The right job fit empowers your new hire to fill their new role with confidence, improving job performance and productivity for the entire team.

Go beyond assessments.

PI delivers comprehensive solutions, providing actionable, valuable insights that guide you through every step of the employee lifecycle, surpassing your expectations with data that transforms your decision-making.


Optimize job descriptions

PI Hire’s Job Ad Optimizer helps you acquire more qualified candidates with job descriptions crafted to attract top talent
to the right roles.


Enhance the interview process

The Interview Builder equips hiring teams with countless combinations of targeted questions designed to identify
and explore areas of potential misalignment.


Hire with clarity

Understand which candidates to prioritize early in the process based on behavioral assessment tests that determine if they possess natural behaviors that predict success in the role.


Improve the experience

Using data to optimize the hiring process, from writing clear job descriptions all the way to making confident job offers, illuminates the candidate experience by valuing everyone’s time, aligning expectations, and clarifying exactly which behavioral traits you’re seeking.

Learn how people work and add scientific data to the art of finding the right fit with surprisingly specific behavioral insights.

Frequently asked questions

What is a candidate assessment?

A candidate assessment is the process of evaluating job applicants to determine their suitability for an open role within an organization. Although it can vary depending on the organization and the nature of the job, a talent assessment typically involves multiple stages including application screening, pre-employment tests, interviews, work samples or skills tests, reference checks and background checks. The various stages of candidate assessment are designed to assess soft skills, communication style, cognitive ability, technical skills, personality traits, and cultural fit.

By utilizing a combination of pre–employment assessment tools and methods, hiring managers can identify potential candidates who have the necessary skills, experience, and potential to excel in the role and contribute positively to the organization.

What is candidate assessment software?

Candidate assessment software refers to a technology solution designed to streamline and enhance the process of evaluating job applicants during the hiring process. It leverages digital tools and platforms to automate, standardize, and manage various aspects of candidate assessments.
Candidate assessment software can offer a range of features and functionalities, including:

  1. Application Management: The software enables organizations to efficiently manage and track candidate applications, resumes, and supporting documents.
  2. Pre-employment Testing: Candidate assessment software often includes tools for administering and scoring pre-employment tests that assess skills, knowledge, cognitive abilities, or personality traits, to evaluate candidates’ suitability for the job.
  3. Video Interviews: Some software solutions offer video interview capabilities, allowing employers to conduct remote interviews with candidates.
  4. Assessments and Surveys: The software may provide tools to create and administer assessments or surveys to evaluate specific job-related competencies or cultural fit.
  5. Analytics and Reporting: Candidate assessment software gathers insights and generates reports on assessment results, candidate performance, and hiring trends to assist in making data-driven decisions.
  6. Integration with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): Some software integrates seamlessly with applicant tracking systems, allowing for a smooth transfer of candidate data and assessment results. This integration streamlines the workflow and reduces manual data entry.
  7. Collaboration and Evaluation: Candidate assessment platforms support collaboration among hiring team members by providing features like comment sharing, candidate rating, and evaluation tracking.

What are the benefits of using candidate assessment software?

Candidate assessment software streamlines and automates aspects of the hiring process, maximizing the productivity and precision of HR teams, and optimizing talent acquisition.

A candidate assessment platform can also offer a more objective evaluation of applicants, based on data and analytics, which reduces bias, promotes fair and consistent candidate assessments, and improves the quality of new hires.

Integrating candidate assessment software into your hiring strategy enhances collaboration among the hiring team, improves the efficiency of the recruitment process, and results in a better hiring outcome and an increase in productivity.

How does PI assess candidates?

The Predictive Index turns the hiring process into a data-driven decision influenced by scientifically-validated behavioral insights instead of an educated guess based solely on intuition.
Screen candidates with a brief online assessment that offers valuable information about strengths, weaknesses, communication style, and behavioral drives and receive actionable recommendations about how a potential hire will fill a particular role or impact an existing team.

Find the right fit every time, the first time.

Put away your crystal ball and put science to work. Attract and identify the best talent for your team, your organization, and your desired outcome with PI Hire.