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Hire Smart.
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How can you evaluate people for a job before you've diagnosed what the job truly calls for?


Hire smart

You shouldn’t have to trust your gut when hiring. The Predictive Index’s proven methodology of workforce assessments, easy-to-use software, and best-in-class management workshops are built to ensure that you know what you’re looking for, determine who’s the best match to the job, and help set them up for success.

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Cognitive Ability

Behavioral Drives

Job Targeting

Inspire greatness

Don’t keep your team’s potential locked away. With an arsenal of reports and guides, The Predictive Index can help you coach and inspire your employees to greatness. Drive personal development, understand team interaction and create stronger connections with your employees when you know their behavioral needs.

Inspiring with PI

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Business leaders around the world tap into the power of PI daily to discover the behaviors that drive workplace performance.

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17 Reference profiles to help you understand your people.
Predictive Index behavioral profiles
A person’s behavioral pattern provides a nuanced understanding of their drives and needs. But when you need to understand someone with a quick glance our reference profiles can distill countless behavioral patterns into a handful of recognizable profiles.
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