Give your managers the tools to become outstanding leaders.

Managing people is never easy, no matter how self-aware or soft-skilled a manager may be. The best managers are developed, equipped with the right tools to help them grow – to navigate difficult conversations and support the growth of those around them. Strengthen your management, and strengthen your business, with PI for managers.

Managers simply need the right tools at their disposal, so they can positively influence employee behavior. Well-equipped managers encourage more discretionary effort, better team morale, and enhanced engagement. PI has tools for managers that help:

Drive meaningful meetings.

Organize your team’s daily work, run smoother 1:1s, set clear goals, and give consistent feedback – all within a single performance management tool that supports every step of the employee lifecycle.

Build a more supportive team culture, one that fosters transparency and accountability, and empowers managers through the clarity of behavioral data. Managers who understand their people can operate with a combination of confidence and empathy required of aspiring leaders.

Personalize your management style.

Understand your own behavioral tendencies, and learn how to balance them alongside your people’s needs. You can’t manage everyone the exact same way – but you can operate with an awareness of where communication may break down, tension might pop up, and disengagement could set in.

PI’s management strategy guidance helps you visualize strengths, quirks, and caution areas – and where they all might overlap. Manage people, manage expectations, and manage their growth.

Bring actionable data to every 1:1.

Create a common language to understand and collaborate with anyone in your organization. Compare behavioral data between any two peers, direct reports, across teams, or in the moment during 1:1s. Use personalized recommendations to build trust and improve teamwork. 

Manage and mitigate conflict between employees with powerful relationship advice, and enhance self-awareness across the organization through a shared understanding of behavioral insights.

Activate better team engagement.

Find disengagement and fix it – so you can retain and motivate your best people. Disengagement generally arises from poor fit, either with the job,
the manager, the team, or the organization.

Send pulse surveys to your team, and see recommendations to 
improve engagement. Use science-backed insights on how to manage 
and motivate each direct report, With deeper empathy and understanding, 
you can build a culture of respect, trust, and collaboration.

Upskill and unblock a struggling team.

View and learn from powerful insights into each team member
– on any team – and understand how to succeed as a group. 

Never miss an opportunity to help a teammate improve or celebrate
a win. PI helps everyone on the team stay in the loop and track progress, bringing individual, team, and company goals together in one place. Draft feedback in a few words with the powerful FeedbackAI tool, and send praise in a flash with kudos, so you can foster a culture of continuous recognition and improvement.

Hire with certainty.

Make the right decision as the hiring manager the first time with validated hiring assessments. 

Craft job descriptions with confidence, knowing that they line up to your Job Target. And attract the candidates you’re looking for by using language that resonates with them, from the initial job posting all the way through the interview process.

Stop wasting time and resources on hiring mistakes, underperforming managers, and unwanted turnover.