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PI Design Product Tour [ 8:15 ]

Organizational talent assessment tools

In a blink, you fell out of sync.

Misalignment at the top, chaos at the bottom. Close gaps between execs about strategy.

Bob’s the SVP of sales. His office nickname is the “The Bulldozer” because he dominates meetings and pushes his agenda. Others on the executive team can’t help but wonder: Are we chasing after the right goals? Or did we build our business strategy based on the loudest voice in the room?

Don’t assume all executives agree on the business strategy.

Disagreement is more common than you think! In our experience, senior leaders agree on no more than 70% of their company’s objectives. And when leaders are out of sync at the top, the problem only gets bigger as it rolls down the hill. Disengagement. Competing goals. Poor collaboration.

The revolutionary PI Design solution ensures all execs are on the same page about the business strategy—so they can design an aligned talent strategy to maximize performance.

The PI Design solution

The PI Design solution is a powerful framework for gaining business strategy alignment—and building a talent strategy to match. From software to workshops to expert consulting, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to transform your company. 

Here’s how we can help:

How does the PI Design solution work?

Step one of the PI Design solution

Get the executive team on the same page about which strategic priorities to pursue. Use the PI Strategy Assessment to understand agreement—and kickstart tough conversations. Also, discover how confident each senior leader feels in the company’s ability to execute the strategy. The Align Strategy and Leadership Team Chart makes senior leaders aware of fits and gaps between their behavioral profiles and the business strategy—so they can effectively lead the transformation that needs to happen.

Step two of the PI Design solution

Need help building strategic agreement, revising your business strategy, understanding your senior team dynamics, or identifying the best talent strategies to reach your goals? That’s where the Execute Strategy With Confidence Workshop comes in. 

Radical transformation means navigating difficult conversations and change management—most companies need help. With an expert PI consultant by your side every step of the way, you’ll never go it alone.

Envision Bank got "in the black" with the PI Design solution.

Senior team alignment—the foundation you need

Here’s a scary stat: 52% of CEOs who set goals in 2018 didn’t achieve them. 

When execs don’t agree on the business strategy, companies can end up pursuing competing goals. Find and fix senior team misalignment today so you can design the right talent strategy and come out on top.

The secret to great hiring and managing people to perform? 

Talent optimization. But you can’t optimize your talent without an agreed-upon business strategy.  (You know how you can’t build a house without a foundation? Yeah, it’s kind of like that.)

The incredible PI Design solution is a framework for finding and fixing misalignment between execs about business strategy—and aligning talent to the agreed-upon strategy

After all, having the right people in place to support a strategic initiative is the difference between success and failure.


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