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PI Design is powered by six decades of proven science,
millions of data points, and AI-driven machine learning.


PI Design helps leaders build
successful teams in three steps.

Discover how each person on your team works best. Recognize the team’s natural strengths and caution areas. Get aligned on the work ahead, so you can flex your abilities and crush your goals.


Take the six-minute PI Behavioral Assessment™ to learn how you work best, and how you influence your team.


Invite team members to take the assessment, and discover your team’s collective strengths
and weaknesses.


Identify misalignment between the team’s abilities and its goals. Receive recommended actions to close the gap and drive toward success.

Understand Yourself

Take the six-minute PI Behavioral Assessment™ to learn about yourself and pinpoint your leadership style.

Know your team

Your team members take the assessment next, so you can discover your team’s behavioral strengths and weaknesses.

Explore objectives

Select your team’s strategic objectives to see where there’s misalignment between your team’s strengths and their mission.

Take action

Use your team’s custom action plan to build trust, maximize natural strengths, compensate for team weaknesses and successfully execute on your work.

“You have to empower and inspire people. This is the tool that will make it happen.” Andy Parkins Six Factor

PI Design works with any team.

The only tool that lets you see and improve any team’s chance of success.

Achieving team goals can be difficult even in the best of times. Throw in mistrust, miscommunication, and misalignment, and the obstacles start to stack up.

Use PI Design to understand what motivates you as a team, and make tiny changes that lead to massive results—no matter the obstacle.

“We’re not playing to our strengths.”

See how your leadership style impacts different personalities on the team, and make adjustments to ensure each person feels set up to succeed.

“We’re talking past one another.”

Uncover each team member’s unique behavioral style, and unlock a universal language that’ll have everyone on the same page.

“We have an accountability problem.”

Build a custom action plan with clear next steps to help team members to improve communication and collaboration.

“We’re rowing in different directions.”

Gain alignment on your team’s strategic objectives. Know where your team is hardwired to succeed—and where you may need to call in reinforcements.

“We’re struggling to measure success.”

Design makes teamwork measurable. Get scored on your level of cohesion, and make progress to build awareness and crush your goals.

Remote work. Team building. Culture change.

No matter the team scenario, PI Design adds clarity to the work at hand—so you can spend less time getting organized, and more time getting stuff done.

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