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Keyrenter Denver

How Keyrenter Denver used PI Perform to strengthen their 360 review process

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How PI Perform helped Lindsey Boggs win Citrix’s manager of the year award

Customer Story


With the help of PI Perform, Impact’s enterprise partnership automation software delivers actionable insights to activate rapid growth throughout the partner lifecycle.

Case Study


How Builtech mitigated turnover—to the tune of nearly $200k in annual attrition-cost savings by using PI’s behavioral data

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Kimball Electronics

How Kimball Electronics is using PI to supercharge its teams

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Building culture and continuity with PI Hire: How people data helped Totango prosper

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Six Factor

“You have to empower and inspire people. This is the tool that will make it happen.”

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How Watercare reimagined partnerships and teams

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Union Street Media

How Union Street Media inspired teamwork through self-awareness

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How NISC bolstered its teams through the power of self-awareness

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Traditions Management

Building community through empathy and awareness

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The Granite Group

How The Granite Group navigated COVID-19 with empathy and grace