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Keyrenter Denver

Keyrenter Denver
How Keyrenter Denver used PI Perform to strengthen their 360 review process

Keyrenter Denver is a property management company based in Denver that provides solutions for homeowners & real estate investors.

Amber Bryant is Keyrenter Denver’s People and Culture Director. She oversees all human resource functions within the organization. She is specifically focused on creating scalable training and retention processes.

Keyrenter Denver started using PI Perform (formerly Charma) to streamline a variety of performance enablement flows. The software’s tools for meeting management, accountability, goals, and more have been crucial to Keyrenter Denver’s growth. It is, however, the 360 review software that has stood out the most. Keyrenter Denver was able to completely overhaul its 360 review process, making it faster and more impactful.

Everybody thinks [PI Perform's] 360 review process is easier than the old way. I have more buy-in on why it's important. There are some people that have really taken it as their opportunity to give super good feedback, especially leaders, that I don't feel we would otherwise be getting. I think the team, especially the leaders, take the 360 process very seriously now. They use it as an opportunity to deep dive into whoever the person is and how to help them get further along. I think that everybody has felt like [Perform] has been a good tool, helping to give feedback and also grow their teams."
Amber Bryant - People and Culture Director, Keyrenter Denver

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