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optimization journey today.

Gain clarity and confidence, and attract the right talent.

PI Hire

Stop losing great people due to ineffective managers.

PI Inspire

Improve team communication and performance.


  • PI Behavioral Assessment™ – Understand your own behavioral style, as well as the different personalities on your team.
  • Individual Plot Points & Insights – Discover each team member’s optimal work habits, and offer tips to encourage collaboration.
  • Sample Team – Invite unlimited team members, and visualize the team’s collective work style to learn how different personalities compare with – and complement – each other.
  • Team Activity Score – Get scored on your team’s current level of cohesion, and track improvements over time.


Everything in Free, plus…

  • Team Building Activities – Personalize these to build cohesion as a group.
  • Team Takeaways – Get custom recommendations based on your team’s collective strengths and caution areas.
  • Action Planner – Identify team actions you can assign based on specific goals, to build a culture of accountability.
  • Team Summary – Share easily with team members and peers.
  • Team Type – Understand your team’s collective behavioral identity, as well as your biggest strengths and cautions.
  • Objectives – Establish strategic alignment to show how the work at hand compares to the people doing the work.


Boost engagement and build an outstanding culture.

PI Diagnose

Performance management with PI behavioral science built into your workflow.

All plans come with

Unlimited users

24/7 customer support

Permission administration & privacy assurance

Product onboarding & in-software education

Expert network of talent optimization consultants

Benefits of embracing
talent optimization

  • Find candidates who perform better and stay longer.
  • Maximize productivity as a team, and hit your goals.
  • Give any manager the tools to be an effective leader.
  • Boost engagement and reduce employee turnover.

We help companies achieve measurable results

Join 10,000+ talent optimized companies making work better every day


Talent optimized companies experience 64% lower turnover.


Talent optimized companies have 34% higher employee performance.


Talent optimized companies spend 45% less time on people problems.

Susan Ross

Sr. Director of Recruiting

I wanted to feel with passion and conviction that I had hired the very perfect person. I wanted to prove that a pattern was a significant predictor of sales performance. And with PI, I was able to say just that.

James P. McDonough

President & CEO

We have significantly evolved over recent years, merging two entities and taking our company public. PI has been a key component in our transition, by helping us break down silos, enhance cooperation, improve business results and increase job engagement.

Miranda Nicholson

VP of HR

PI has helped make new employees feel welcome and like a part of the team, and to make them feel like their manager does care about them in a really thoughtful way.

Joan Jones

Sr. Manager, Field Training

PI protects the manager from making a bad hiring decision and protects the individual from poor performance. It has given me a quantifiable and sustainable approach to predict sales performance.

Mike Keating

Senior Vice President

During a recent merger, PI made it easier for us to identify who was the best behavioral fit for each role, which helped remove a lot of the stress and guesswork from the process.

Ranked #1 for pre-employment testing globally

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy per assessment?

No, PI Hire is sold by number of Candidate Credits.

Is this a subscription?

Yes. You’ll pay for an annual subscription to one or more PI products.

How many users can I have?

Your plan comes with unlimited users.

If I cancel my subscription, can I download my data?

Yes. You can go in and download data before it is anonymized.

What is talent optimization?

Talent optimization is the practice of aligning your business strategy to your talent strategy. Learn more about talent optimization.

Can we optimize one section of the business at a time (example: sales first, then engineering, then everyone?)

Yes. You can start by using The Predictive Index with one area of your organization, and expanding out as your needs evolve. Or, you can jump in feet first and introduce talent optimization software org-wide.

Can I try the software before I buy?

PI Hire offers a Basic tier that is free to try for up to 5 candidate credits. Our other product modules will be free to try later this year. Want to see a Demo? Contact sales.

Where can I learn more about the core features before I try them out?

If you have questions not answered by this plans page or FAQ, please contact our sales team.

Will my data be safe and private?

We’re committed to the security of your data and provide multiple layers of protection for the personal and employee information you trust to The Predictive Index. Find out ​​more about PI’s commitments to data protection and data security.

Is PI online or do I need to download software?

PI is browser-based and you do not need software.

Can I upgrade my account mid-contract?

Yes, you can reach out to your PI Consultant to upgrade at any time.

How do I add a new product module to my account?

Reach out to your PI Consultant to add a new product module to your account.

Can I purchase a monthly subscription?

No. Access to The Predictive Index is for an annual subscription.

What happens if I hit my contract limit?

A message in the software will alert you to your contract limit and a PI Consultant can help you to choose the right on going plan for your needs.

Do your products work for every industry and type of company?

Yes, talent optimization principles apply to any company or industry that can benefit from better aligning its people toward business goals.

What happens if I exceed the Free plans limit?

After you exceed your Free plan limit, you must contact sales in order to purchase a higher tier.

Any other questions? Please book a call with our award-winning service team.

10,000+ companies use The Predictive Index to create teams that win—no matter what.

“PI has helped us become the company we are. We wouldn’t be achieving the recognition and seeing the growth we’ve had without it.” Ted Adler President, Union Street Media

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