Goal management software that helps you rise above busywork

It’s a goal-setting software founded on being user-friendly and essentials-only, providing just what you need to keep your people on track, promote accountability, and proactively measure results.

In no more than five easy steps, you can enable greater visibility and transparency across your team—and serve as a model for the entire organization.

When goals are isolated in a siloed system, they’re quickly forgotten and don’t actually drive day-to-day priorities or activities.

In Perform, goals are linked to meeting agendas and to-do lists, so team members are empowered to continuously measure progress and coordinate across teams, never losing sight of the big picture.

When you create a goal, you also have the ability to define a check-in interval, which automatically adds a discussion topic to the relevant meeting agenda on the appropriate cadence.

Ensure success with our goal management dashboard.

PI Perform works with any goal-setting methodology and framework.

Different organizations have unique outlooks on the best goal-setting methodology. You shouldn’t have to adjust your approach to the software—rather, the software should be customizable based on your system. 

Whether your goal-setting method is guided by OKRs, SMART goals, or a different rubric entirely, PI Perform works smoothly.