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Power your clients’ success with PI.

Deliver 60+ years of science-backed people data with the leading talent optimization platform.

Your clients are everything. You guide them through their challenges and celebrate their successes. But client problems don’t always have simple solutions—and it’s easy to feel stretched thin.

You know the secret to all great organizations is great people. Yet people are complex, and it can be hard to make these recommendations stick without the right data.

If you feel this way, a PI Partnership may be a good fit for you. Let’s walk through the program, starting with your biggest questions:

PI Partner Overview

What is a PI Partnership?

PI supports a global network of Certified Partners. By becoming a partner, you’ll gain access to the PI talent optimization platform, along with workshops and expert training. We’ll also provide you with a dedicated Activation Manager to support you. All this comes at zero cost to you.

“Instead of creating my own training, I had a framework. I had a path to take my clients down, and I could use PI data to address their needs.” David Lunken Principal, PI Midlantic

How does a PI Partnership work?

Our partnership model isn’t for everyone. While we don’t ask for any financial collateral, what we do ask for is your time.

You start your journey at LAUNCH, a three-day training all about the PI platform. Once you leave, you’ll be able to go to any client and show the value of talent optimization. Through it all, we’ll give you new marketing and sales materials so you can continue to grow.

Become a PI Partner Promo Video


Gain in-depth knowledge of the PI platform


Use people insights to power your engagements


Develop long-lasting client relationships at scale

“At first, we thought we were adding another arrow in our quiver, but it turned out to be everything.” David Nast CEO, Nast Partners

Who is an ideal PI Partner?

To be a PI Partner, you must be a full-time consultant. Our partners tend to be solo entrepreneurs or boutique consulting firms looking to grow their practice in a scalable way.

PI Partners typically have backgrounds in management consulting, executive coaching, or talent advisory. Regardless of specialty, partners all have one thing in common: a focus on people.

Click on a specialty below to learn more:

I help my clients identify and solve critical business issues. In my experience, these business problems often boil down to one thing: people.

As a PI Partner, I show my clients how to build the right team for any business need.

I pride myself on great 1-on-1 relationships. But supporting my clients often means I’m spending countless hours creating new content.

As a PI Partner, I use pre-packaged workshops backed by 60 years of science.

I help my clients attract and retain top talent in a competitive market. Yet it’s hard to show value without the right tools to support my recommendations.

As a PI Partner, I provide my clients with objective data that keeps me top of mind.

Why should I partner with PI?

With an assessment vendor, you’re making the most of limited tools, often with questionable returns. PI provides an all-in-one talent optimization platform backed by a proven framework. Add flexibility to your offerings while developing a recurring revenue stream for your firm.

Assessment VendorsThe Predictive Index LogoPartnership
ProductSingle tool Talent optimization platform
Value addQuestionable ROI Recurring revenue stream
Training & supportLimited LAUNCH training, plus ongoing sales and service help
Marketing supportLimited Reports and other content to help you win business
Brand resourcesNone Dedicated marketing materials to grow your brand
Financial costPay to get certified Free
“Success equals a good strategy, plus people that execute. PI puts a common language to both pieces of the puzzle.” Cindy Lynch Principal, Six20 Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Talent optimization is the discipline of aligning business strategy with talent strategy for optimal business results. It consists of four aptitudes: Hire, Inspire, Design, and Diagnose.

As a PI Partner, you’ll learn how to leverage each aptitude of talent optimization with your clients. Talent optimization is also highly customizable, allowing you to tailor your offerings based on client need.

At LAUNCH, we provide you with everything you need to empower clients with PI. Over three days, you’ll hear from PI experts and forge relationships with fellow PI Partners.

More than 700 PI Certified Partners are helping us achieve our shared mission of Better Work, Better World.

Our network spans the globe, with partners servicing 9,000+ clients and delivering solutions in more than 70 languages. Join the network.

PI was founded by Arnold Daniels in 1955. A former U.S. Army flight navigator, Daniels developed a lifelong passion for the psychology behind successful teams.

His work culminated in The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™. For more than 60 years, the PI Behavioral Assessment has been used by organizations worldwide as a trusted and reliable measure of workplace behavior.

To learn the full story about Daniels and PI, click here.

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