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How this consultant leverages old managerial experience to solve new people problems

PI Midwest Partner Story
PI Midwest is using The Resilience Series to build trust and demonstrate value for clients.

Anna Mason is a consultant for PI Midwest, a certified PI Partner. Despite being a new consultant (Mason joined PI Midwest in 2019), she’s already building her business and striking a chord with clients.

Mason is no stranger to building strong client relationships. Prior to consulting, she managed a busy salon. Now, she’s using her knowledge of people dynamics to empower her clients’ business decisions.

“I’m very new to consulting. I was managing for the last eight years and that’s what drew me to PI—the management consulting side.”

Hers is a story of talent optimization. And The Predictive Index has been there to support her and PI Midwest in their journey.

“PI puts out a lot of materials. I was able to jump in during my first several months and really get to know the tool.”
Anna Mason

Anna Mason Addressing leadership’s blind spots

One of the materials we put out for our consultant network is The Resilience Series, a set of virtual workshops designed to help clients lead their business through crisis and change. Using these workshops, Mason has been able to pinpoint and address critical team issues for her clients.

“We have a client whose team isn’t communicating. When things get tough, they shut down as opposed to confronting the issue. This workshop was a great opportunity to confront the issue.”

The Resilience Series begins with the PI Strategy Assessment™, a powerful yet accessible tool that helps a leadership team align on its business goals. From there, Mason used the PI platform to equip her client to execute the strategy.

“This particular client is a Producing team. However, some of their top goals were in the Cultivating area—increasing team cohesion and that sort of thing,” said Mason. “The tool really visually demonstrated exactly where they need to fill in the gap.’”

For Mason, PI has been a natural bridge between her past and present careers. It has allowed her to use her deep knowledge of people in a way that’s actionable and scalable.

“What I love about PI is that you can just look at someone's profile and understand them better—and then use conversation to help guide them in a really compassionate way.”
Anna Mason

Building trust through value

Forming lasting client relationships takes time. People aren’t always quick to open up about their blind spots, especially in times of stress. According to Mason, this candor requires a foundation of trust. And she starts building trust by doing everything possible to support her clients—especially now during COVID-19 and the economic downturn.

“I personally, and my associates at PI Midwest, we decided that now is not the time to do hardcore selling. Now’s the time to really demonstrate our value.”

The Resilience Series has helped Mason do just that. Using PI behavioral data, she’s been able to show clients not just where their talent gaps lie, but also what they need to do to fill them. That way, clients receive immediate, actionable feedback.

“It gets results. They walk out of the workshop feeling like, ‘OK, I know what to do next.’ But it also makes them feel very taken care of by me as the consultant,” said Mason. “The team felt that they made progress, and that’s value right there.”

“Because we had this workshop, I was able to show that PI has value, but also I, as a new associate, have value as well.”
Anna Mason

Guiding clients through any crisis

Mason sees The Resilience Series not just as a tool to guide her clients through crisis scenarios. In her eyes, it provides the flexibility to address any talent strategy issues her clients may face, at any time.

“These workshops have been a great opportunity to help people with whatever change they’re dealing with, whether it’s related to COVID-19 or not.”

In a way, Mason’s sentiments tie back to her appreciation for client relationships and people dynamics. Just as her salon saw new people every day, her consultancy will always have clients to help—and talent to optimize.

“The Resilience Series is something that I plan on offering people into the future. Organizations are constantly changing and growing.”

“There always seems to be crisis in businesses, so the Resilience Series is relevant at any point.”
Anna Mason

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