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Employment management software

Tired of subpar teamwork?

Empower managers to create and inspire high-performing teams.

Say goodbye to the struggle.

You promoted Jen to manage the customer service team. As a star employee with strong industry knowledge and a friendly personality, you assumed she’d shine in her new role, but she struggles to motivate her people. Her team is in a funk. They do the bare minimum—just enough to keep their jobs. 

Truth is, lots of your managers struggle. And it’s affecting your bottom line.

The PI Inspire solution empowers managers to unleash the power of their people by understanding what drives each individual—and managing accordingly.

The PI Inspire solution

The PI Inspire solution is a powerful framework managers can use to boost employee engagement and productivity. From software to workshops to expert consulting, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to shift your company into high gear. 

Here’s how we can help:

Relationship Guide

Employees not getting along? Compare two people to see how they work together—and get tips for improving the relationship.

Management Strategy Guide

Give managers the gift of actionable advice. They’ll learn how to accommodate their direct reports’ preferences. No more guesswork!

Team Work Styles

Are your people working together but not reaching their goals? Understand why so you can improve relationships—for better business results.

What's in your manager toolbox?

Companies that take a talent optimization approach give employees the data and insights they need to self-manage—and to manage others. Let’s think back to Jen. What could she be doing better? What tools could she leverage to turn things around on her team? Build your manager toolbox with PI Inspire:

Develop your own abilities

  • PI Behavioral Assessment
  • Manager Development Chart
  • Management Strategy Guide
  • Manager Coaching Guide

Develop your employees

  • PI Behavioral Assessment
  • Personal Development Chart
  • Coaching Guide

Empower teams

  • Team Work Styles
  • Group Analytics

Foster 1:1 relationships

  • Relationship Guide
  • PI Placards

Fight the force that destroys teamwork.

Our researchers have identified four forces that destroy engagement:

  • A mismatch between the employee and their Job
  • A mismatch between the employee and their Manager
  • A mismatch between the employee and the People on their team
  • A mismatch between the employee and the Organization

The Inspire solution combats mismatch between people on teams. Create team harmony by encouraging all employees to take the PI Behavioral Assessment™ and display their PI Placard with pride. They’ll learn what drives them and the people around them. They’ll see that each person brings something valuable to the table.

When you assess a critical mass in your company and start speaking in a shared language, magic happens. Conversations get easier, conflict can be avoided, and decisions get made faster. And when you grant managers access to PI Inspire, they can tailor the way they coach and manage—to skyrocket employee engagement.

Subway reduced employee turnover from 70% to 32%.

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