The world is changing. As communities advocate for equity and justice, companies can’t afford to stay idle.

Don’t let your organization fall behind. Join the Change@Work movement, and help us create a better workplace for all.

Our Philosophy

When COVID hit, it sparked change like never before. Remote work became permanent work. Political unrest created workplace unrest. As personal and professional lives blurred, companies were forced to reevaluate their definitions of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Years have passed, but the hard work remains. Today’s employees want to bring their full selves to work: their voices, their ideas, their identities. They want to be heard, valued, and treated with the respect they deserve.

Change@Work aims to make that desire a reality. Since 2020, we’ve been empowering employees and employers alike to create positive workplace change.

Our work centers around three core tenets:

What Change Looks Like at The Predictive Index


Change@Work was born from the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020. In the years following, our PIoneers have dedicated themselves to breaking down the barriers to equity within our organization—and empowering our community to do the same.

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Pro Bono

Our Pro Bono program grants free PI subscriptions to qualifying non-profit organizations. From diversity programs to local food banks, we want to help great organizations do great work, so they can deliver on their mission.

Inclusion Audit

Our definition of inclusion is ever-evolving. We conduct a recurring content audit to ensure our product represents people of all creeds and identities. Most notably, we updated our Craftsman Reference Profile, retiring its title in favor of the gender-neutral “Artisan.”

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Employee Resource Groups

Our ERGs are designed to amplify underrepresented voices and deepen our cultural competency. We’ve launched a pilot of ERG groups that provide a space to share lived experiences, enable self development, and make a difference within our communities.

PIoneer Advisory Committee

Change@Work empowers change from the bottom up. Each year, our PIoneers nominate a team of leaders to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of our DEIB roadmap. By voting on committee members, we ensure our efforts reflect the will of our people.

From the PI Blog

“Real diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging work is not about a checklist. It’s about relationships.”


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