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Imagine a world where employees work together in harmony and achieve their goals. The PI software makes that vision a reality. See how people data can transform your company.

Experience our software

Tour the first talent optimization platform.

  • Build a talent strategy that aligns with company goals
  • Hire the right people for the right roles
  • Empower managers to get the most out of their people
  • Measure employee engagement both company-wide and on teams—and get custom action plans for boosting engagement

Build a laser-focused leadership team.

On average, the senior leadership teams we’ve assessed agree on no more than 70% of their business objectives. If you were marching into battle or heading into the operating room, would you feel confident if the people leading the charge were 70% aligned on strategy? 

PI helps you reach lock-tight agreement on your business strategy—so you can design your talent strategy accordingly. 

Use the PI platform to: 

  • Find out if your senior leaders agree on the business strategy
  • Learn how confident your senior team is on its ability to execute
  • Highlight fits and gaps between behavioral profiles and strategy
  • Increase the chances you hit your goals

Streamline hiring with the PI platform.

Candidates can have a pedigreed resume and glowing references, but if they’re not behaviorally and cognitively wired for the job, they’ll fizzle out fast. Add rigor to your hiring process by evaluating candidates for behavioral and cognitive job fit.

See how

Use the PI software to:

  • Set the behavioral and cognitive requirements for jobs
  • Send pre-employment assessments to candidates
  • See which candidates are a behavioral and cognitive match
  • Generate interview questions to probe into candidates’ behavioral fit

Isolate the cause of disengagement.

According to Forbes, the average 250-person company loses more than $3M annually due to employee disengagement. The good news? It’s entirely avoidable. 

Isolate the cause of low employee engagement with PI—and take action to fix it. What would it feel like to have a custom roadmap for solving disengagement at your company?

Use the PI platform to: 

  • Uncover why your employees are disengaged—and what you’re doing well—so you can take action to fix or maintain
  • Generate step-by-step action plans
  • Build a culture that values—and acts upon—feedback

Elevate the way you manage.

Many managers assume they can drive success by following the Golden Rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated. But one-size-fits-all management is a recipe for disaster. Our platform gives people managers tools to inspire people effectively based on individual behavioral preferences.

Use the PI software to:

  • Discover employee behavioral drives and needs
  • Compare two people to understand how they’ll work together
  • Coach and develop employees
  • Evaluate how well you’re motivating your team

A platform that’s designed for everyone

The Predictive Index is designed to be used by leaders at every level, from CEOs to individual contributors. We encourage our clients to grant every employee access to our software. When you give people the gift of understanding themselves and others, real magic can happen.

We want to share our tools with as many people as possible—and we want everyone to feel comfortable using our tools. To ensure PI is inclusive, we’ve localized our platform in 70+ languages and removed gender pronouns from our PI Behavioral Assessment™ reports.

Discover our integrations.

Through our open API, The Predictive Index can integrate with a variety of top applicant tracking and human resource information systems. PI integrations include:

  • Taleo
  • Greenhouse
  • iCims
  • Workday
  • SAP Success Factors
  • Slack

And many more!

Ramp up quickly.

PI offers workshops to help you get the most out of your platform investment. We offer a variety of workshops from “Execute Strategy with Confidence” to “Managing people to perform” to “Attracting and selecting top performers.” Discover our workshops.