At The Predictive Index, we specialize in understanding what drives your people. With decades of science-backed insights, our workshops offer solutions for hiring, talent development, leadership, and engagement. Whether you’re facing challenges in these areas or seeking to enhance team dynamics, our network of certified PI Consultants is equipped to guide you toward achieving your business goals.


Our workshops help your teams understand themselves (and each other) better. 
With over 12,000 people completing PI workshops globally each year, we offer flexibility, whether you prefer in-person or virtual sessions to accommodate remote or hybrid teams. Unlock your team’s potential and contact your PI Consultant today to schedule a session.

Decode Workplace Behavior
with PI

Understand how your people think and work with PI for workplace success. Learn how to enhance performance, collaboration, and trust.

Develop Effective Leaders
with PI Inspire

Empower your leaders to build stronger 1:1 relationships, motivate their people, and get exceptional results.

Build High-Performing Teams
with PI Design

Learn how to tap into behavioral data to consistently design outstanding teams in this expert-led workshop.

Boost Employee Engagement
with PI Diagnose

Revamp engagement with actionable data
to address core drivers and foster a more productive workforce.

Predict Candidate Success
with PI Hire

Eliminate guesswork and increase your confidence in selecting the right individuals for your organization.

The Predictive Index is the global leader in talent optimization. Over 10,000 businesses use PI’s data-driven HR software to hire, develop, and retain world-class talent. The Predictive Index has over 65 years of science powering its platform, with more than 36 million assessments administered and 400 validity studies completed.