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Great timing: IN2GREAT leveraged TO when its people needed it most

Despite COVID-19, In2Great continues to provide value with talent optimization

In2Great’s purpose is right in its title: to take potential and mold it into something great. 

A PI Certified Partner based in Toledo, Ohio, In2Great aims to help its clients “decode the complexities” of their people. When clients understand their employees and what drives them, they can build teams that play to everyone’s strengths.

Talent optimization isn’t new. But In2Great is leveraging it at a time when businesses need it most. According to John Broer, a talent optimization specialist at In2Great, now is when true value is realized.

“Talent optimization—and the impact and the value of the PI platform—is real. This is when it becomes real.”

Adapting to the pandemic

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into the consultant-client relationship. Amid economic uncertainty, many companies have been forced to reduce spending. They’re also facing the disruption of remote work, all while dealing with restructures and team changes.

Despite the challenges, Broer and his colleagues haven’t missed a beat. 

“We’re very busy,” Broer explained. “We’re just very busy in different ways. Some of our clients are facing a reduction in force; others are holding steady. So we’re just trying to service them as best as possible.”

“We’re figuring out, ‘How do we empower and equip our clients as quickly and as effectively as possible?’”
John Broer

Leveraging PI behavioral data

In the midst of COVID-19, In2Great’s tagline, “Data… Not Drama,” couldn’t be any more apt. Stress often brings out the rawest of emotions—and the worst interactions. Left unchecked, these behaviors can derail leadership and hinder teams.

In2Great understands the value data brings to consultations. Because when something is measurable, it’s manageable. “During a crisis,” Broer explained, “people’s reactions to change, pressure, and anxiety are highly predictable.”

According to Broer, PI’s talent optimization platform has provided the behavioral insights needed to anticipate team dynamics and improve leadership alignment. “This is specifically where the data is at its best.”

“Because of the way we help take PI viral within organizations, retaining and renewing clients has not been a struggle.”

Instilling resilience in leaders

In April, The Predictive Index launched The Resilience Series, a set of virtual workshops designed to help businesses improve leadership alignment and team cohesion. For Broer and his colleagues, this was an opportunity to deliver value at no added cost.

“We’re just making this available,” said Broer of the workshops. “We just think that’s the best practice. We’re not looking to generate fees.”
In2Great has begun delivering The Resilience Series to clients—with positive results. And Broer thinks the best is yet to come. “The workshops are going to be incredibly powerful for generating new business.” 

With so many business unknowns to account for, In2Great’s clients have been able to rely on talent optimization and PI’s workshops as a critical means to recovery.

“We are taking something highly complex like the human being and making it very approachable.”
John Broer

Empowering clients to succeed

In the wake of social distancing mandates, clients now find their teams connected by internet routers and Zoom screens. But the lack of in-person interaction hasn’t stopped the In2Great team from empowering their clients.
“With The Resilience Series, we’re able to tell clients, ‘The process we’re taking you through is precisely what you’ll need to do to unlock your people,’” Broer explained.
In the end, it all comes back to unlocking the hidden potential within employees. “I love the opportunity to offer senior leaders a way of clarifying what they need to do using objective data. That’s why we do this. These workshops are absolutely essential.”
But PI’s tools and workshops are only the catalyst for Broer and In2Great. It’s through their belief in talent optimization and strong commitment to their clients that they’re able to provide such value in these difficult times.

“We’re just glad to be part of the family.”
John Broer

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