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How Kimball Electronics is using PI to supercharge its teams

Kimball Electronics Case Study

Kimball Electronics is a global contract manufacturer. With 7,000 employees located across nine countries, Kimball believes that world-class electronics start and stop with world-class people. 

The manufacturer takes a people-first approach to all of its operations. In seven years, Kimball has doubled both its revenue and its headcount—and it’s clear the two are inextricably linked. 

Kimball’s CEO, Don Charron, puts it best on the company’s website: “Our success is directly linked to the lasting relationships we’ve cultivated with our customers, treating their businesses like they are our business.”

By putting humans at the center of their work, Kimball has been able to deliver on its mission and bring value to clients and shareholders. And PI is helping enable that people-first mindset, at all levels of the organization.

“The Predictive Index has a huge role to play in understanding our employees at a much deeper level.”
Matt Luebbehusen, Director of Organizational Development, Kimball Electronics

Investing in talent strategy

Kimball prides itself on providing quality experiences—both through the products it creates and the relationships it cultivates with clients. According to Matt Luebbehusen, Director of Organizational Development, the key to sustaining that quality is by investing in great talent.

“To ensure that we are able to continue to grow as an organization, we have to have strong vitality in our talent pipeline,” he explained.

That need led Kimball Electronics to partner with the McGuckin Group, a talent design firm. The McGuckin Group helps organizations unlock the potential of their people—so they, in turn, can deliver on the business’s goals.

According to Audrey McGuckin, CEO of the McGuckin Group, Kimball had no shortage of great people on hand. The challenge, rather, was developing that talent so the company could continue to grow.

“The CEO was worried that he didn’t have capability inside the organization to move fast to develop that talent.”
Audrey McGuckin, CEO, McGuckin Group

Leveling up the leadership team

The McGuckin Group called in Cindy Moran, Founder of MVP Results—a PI Certified Partner—to help Luebbehusen introduce PI’s talent optimization software to Kimball’s leadership team. During a “readback” session, each leader discovered their own PI Reference Profile, one of 17 patterns used to describe their natural behavioral tendencies.

According to Luebbehusen, PI helped demystify certain workplace dynamics within the team, allowing for enhanced communication and collaboration. Just as critical, PI helped the team identify its long-term leadership needs, so they could set up a seamless succession plan.

“Succession planning is [often] seen as a check-the-box exercise,” said McGuckin. “And we know that never works because we haven’t vetted [successors] through a data-oriented process. One of the ways we do that is with [MVP Results and] The Predictive Index.”

“PI has become a part of the language at Kimball Electronics that our leaders are truly leveraging on a daily basis.”
Matt Luebbehusen

Building circuits from chemistry

PI was already creating value from the top-down for Kimball Electronics—but Luebbehusen didn’t stop there. Encouraged by the initial results, he worked with MVP Results to deploy PI further down the organization, empowering employees and managers alike with the behavior insights to up their game.

“We were able to implement PI in a way that got a lot of traction throughout the organization and seep into their culture,” said Cindy Moran.

Today, Luebbehusen sees PI as an integral tool that continues to help Kimball deliver on its mission—by putting people at the center of its circuitry.

“Through the use of PI, we have helped to create quality of life for our employees, our teams, and our leaders.”
Matt Luebbehusen

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