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How Union Street Media inspired teamwork through self-awareness

Union Street Media Customer Story

Union Street Media provides digital marketing solutions for real estate agents, brokers, and teams. Despite having only about 40 employees, the Vermont-based tech company has developed a large client base, servicing industry professionals across the U.S.

According to Ted Adler, President of Union Street Media, the company has achieved its growth through great teamwork. This starts with employees bringing their best selves to work.

Using The Predictive Index’s talent optimization platform, Union Street Media created a culture of behavioral self-awareness. In doing so, it empowered its people to lean on their natural strengths—and work with newfound confidence.

“PI has helped us become the company that we are. We wouldn’t be achieving the recognition and seeing the growth we’ve had without it.”
-Ted Adler

Rethinking what drives you

Adler shared his own journey toward self-awareness. PI’s insights proved valuable to him, even at unlikely hours. “I tend to be like many entrepreneurs: somewhat low-patience,” he said. “I’d wake up in the middle of the night, think about something, and fire off an email so I could go back to sleep.”

After taking the PI Behavioral Assessment, Adler began to see this work habit in a new light. “The reality is, that email would go to a teammate of mine. It’d be semi-coherent. They’d come in that morning, and maybe I wouldn’t see them until 11 a.m. So they’d be running around, confused about my suggestions.”

Adler adapted his communication style to fit his team’s needs. “Now, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I email myself. I’ll feel like I dealt with it. Then, the next morning, I can communicate that thought more constructively.”

Adler has applied similar insights to other aspects of his leadership. Whether that’s emailing questions a day ahead of 1-on-1 meetings or giving employees additional time to process changes, Adler has embraced self-awareness as a tool to drive workplace harmony.

“Every other tool that we looked at, it was: ‘Here’s who your people are.’ With PI, we learned who they are, and then how they show up at work.”
-Ted Adler

Decoding human complexities

Adler first learned of PI through an employee who’d used it at a former company. He explained, “She brought over PI, along with the most all-star PI consultant on the planet: Laura Caton.”

Caton is a partner and senior consultant at The Cornerstone Group. A PI Certified Partner, The Cornerstone Group helps organizations “decode” complex people problems so team members can find healthy solutions to any conflict. 

Using PI’s tools, Caton helped Union Street Media employees understand their behavioral strengths and blind spots. According to Adler, she’s gone above and beyond to help his business. “Laura has been accessible, friendly, funny, and informative.”

He continued, “Laura helped us look at how our teams are structured and figure out how to create optimal outcomes. She’s also spoken directly to individual team members to give advice.”

Laura is one of hundreds of PI consultants available to help PI users. According to Adler, the value of these consultants can’t be overstated. “Reach out to your PI consultant and just ask questions. That’s what they’re there for. It makes a huge difference in the success you’ll have.”

“I effusively believe in PI. I’ve seen the impact not only that the tool has had, but that Laura’s interpretation of the tool has had for my team.”
-Ted Adler

Building cohesion through culture

With Laura’s guidance, Adler applied PI’s behavioral insights throughout the organization. Not only has this improved team performance, but it’s also helped foster a culture of collaboration and cohesion.

Adler cited tools like the PI Relationship Guide, which lets coworkers compare their unique behavioral patterns. “We try to encourage people to share their patterns, talk about them, and have an understanding that people will approach problems in different ways.”

By encouraging employees to bring these relationships to light, Adler and his team can embrace differences in thought—and work toward common goals. “Everybody comes to work in the morning with the intention of doing well in their job. It’s these people that create a sense of belonging and success.”

According to Adler, PI is more than just a talent optimization platform. It’s a way to elevate your workplace and take it to the next level. “We’re all in on PI. It’s really important that you don’t just buy the platform, but also deploy it culturally within the organization.”

“PI constantly surprises and delights you. It gives you insights into people you’re spending time with, and helps make that time more effective, productive, and fun.”
-Ted Adler

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