The Predictive Index made the Glassdoor 2019 Employees Choice Best Places to Work list!


Behavioral Assessments

We’re excited to announce that we’ve revised our PI Behavioral Assessment™ reports to remove gender pronouns. The result is a…

People Management

Underperformance can stem from many issues. Unclear expectations from management, poor cultural fit, and a lack of constructive feedback are…

A manager interviews a customer service employee
Hiring & Selection

Offering great customer service is a huge competitive advantage. After a positive interaction, people become loyal to your brand—and they…

12 leadership books on a shelf in Drew
People Management

I’m an avid reader and I’m always digging into the latest and greatest business books. Especially when it comes to…

Hire one of three top Reference Profiles
Hiring & Selection

If you need to hire a loan officer you’re not alone. The position is in demand and companies are fighting…

People Management

To become a great leader you must take control over one major part of yourself: your ego. Keeping your ego in…

Two engaged employees laughing
Employee Engagement

In our recent people management study, 76 percent of employees surveyed said that great managers recognize good work. There are…

BDR employee at desk with headset
Behavioral Assessments

When you’re hiring business development reps, you can’t afford to get it wrong. Your sales development representatives are the first…

Not all millennials are the same
People Management

The American workforce comprises people from five different generations. At many companies, 20-somethings work alongside much older workers in similar…

Office plants like this one reduce employee stress.
People Management

Stress in the workplace is common. According to the American Institute of Stress, 80 percent of workers experience on-the-job stress….