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How to work remote in winter weather

By Katelyn Smith 

New England winter is in full force! Subzero temps, arctic air and snow squalls are trending up here in the Boston media. What does this wintery weather mix mean for employees and their commute?

People are working remote more than ever before and in Massachusetts, even more so with our chilly weather. A Gallup study shows that telecommuting has climbed to 37% of U.S. workers, up slightly from 30% last decade but four times greater than the 9% found in 1995.

The flexibility to work remote can make a huge difference for an organization’s productivity and morale during extreme weather. Working from home takes structure and conscientiousness to ensure maximum productivity during the workday.

Fast Company Magazine author Carson Tate outlines “Five Ways to Make Working Remotely Actually Work.”

Here are Carson’s five strategies for working effectively while you’re telecommuting:

  1. Communicate well and often
  2. Be a proactive manager
  3. Be a proactive team player
  4. Get personal
  5. Know how to measure productivity

Many companies today are improving their virtual teams through data driven decisions. With workforce analytics, managers have science-based insights to improve communication and build trust. Accordingly, managers who are skilled at navigating the unique challenges of the remote team will be in high demand as virtual workforces continue to expand. These skills will help guide their teams and their companies to greater success.

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