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How to incorporate social media strategies into your brand

Bottom line: Effective companies use social media. Here’s how to use it right

Whether you’re an HR leader, a hiring pro, or an in-house researcher, you should acknowledge the successful cornerstones of modern social media hiring strategies.

The fact of the matter is, social media isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. In fact, it is only getting bigger and more advanced.

social branding-1-1.jpgBottom line, effective employer brands incorporate social media. They are not only connecting their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but are utilizing media, content, news, and engagement strategies. It’s no wonder 94 percent of companies use social media to recruit.

Company promotion in the digital world

In the past, hiring teams would target busy streets, beaches, restaurants and local events to snag new talent, and for good reason. By gathering new hires from popular locales, HR teams could promote themselves while supplying themselves. Today, gathering employees via social media reduces the legwork, increases the visibility, and targets the audiences deserving of visibility. 45 percent of Fortune 500 companies promote with social media links and career pages. Why? Because it works. It also promotes large-scale visibility to the Millennial generation— which, of course, holds today’s newest work potential.

Social media recruiting is one way to spot top talent. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Behavioral Assessments and learn how talent assessments go beyond the job ad to tap into a one’s natural drives and behaviors in the workplace.

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Social media influencers

Many brands are focusing on singular-person hubs to maximize visibility. Social media influencers, whether they be celebrities, brand endorsers, or even entrepreneurs, are brand promotion powerhouses. They’re also opening doors to fertile recruitment fields. About 73 percent of recruiters claim they’ve landed successful hires through social media, based upon social profile analysis. Because Facebook and Instagram operate on a “who’s who” basis, you’re likely to connect with high-influence social impactors if you play your cards right. You can also designate which social media influencers are impacting audiences congruent with your brand. Hiring, now, is a part-time marketing campaign.

what is the cloud-1.jpg

The power of social media channels

Because recruiting is aligned with Internet marketing, it’s surpassing classic recruitment services. Companies are raising awareness to brand uniqueness, and they’re communicating with specific strategies based upon, you guessed it, social media channels. In fact, brands like L’Oreal have gone all in on custom-tailored social media hiring campaigns, utilizing Facebook to brand the company’s HQ, employees, and work culture, while sourcing new employees. Twitter is an excellent resource. Focused on regular job posts, updates, and human interaction via retweets, Twitter is a one-stop-shop for modern hiring strategies, which wish to promote deeper company culture.

The social network.jpgWhere does content fit in?

As you’ve probably guessed, content marketing is the glue which holds social media recruitment together. But, there’s a bit of a trade-off. To be successful with anything social media related, an employer brand needs to use content as a vehicle. Over 40 percent of American adults receive news on Facebook. People are looking to these social networks for informational material, enticing content, useful information; people want to stay in the loop and be aware of the trends. Social is a great way to showcase your organization’s content, giving people another source for go-to information and education.

increasing engagement.jpgBest practice when it comes to social media hiring and recruiting is to keep up-to-date with the latest improvements and tools that social networks are coming out with. These tools are focused on making your hiring, recruiting, and overall brand messaging through social easier for your organization to take advantage of.

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