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Do you know the No. 1 growth blocker for consultants?

There’s no question about it: Consultants provide significant value to companies. So, why don’t all companies use consultants?

We asked this question to 152 consultants as part of our 2019 Annual Consultant Report. The number one issue that prevents them from winning new business is being able to prove their ROI.

This report is a snapshot of the state of consulting for 2019: the good, the challenging, and the journey ahead. Find out how you stack up against the competition—and your biggest opportunity for standing out.

Four major findings from our report:

1. Strategy and people consulting are king.

Nearly 75% of respondents offer strategy consulting. Human resources or people consulting services are a close second, coming in at just over 60%.

2. Consultants spend more than 50% of their time on business development, which cuts into the time they could be spending interfacing with clients. 

On the high end, consultants spend 80% of their time trying to win new business. On the low end, total time spent on business development is 30%.

3. Biggest growth blocker for consultants? Proving ROI to clients.

While consulting offerings vary, there’s one commonality: a need to prove immediate and downstream ROI for the client.

4. Most consultants agree they can improve upon winning new business and building their networks.

They are confident in their abilities and expertise, but nearly a third still feel challenged to win new business and build their consulting networks.

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Laurel is the OPTIMA and events manager at PI. She's a licensed horseback instructor and owns a Dutch Warmblood horse.

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