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How one consultant made a business out of PI

Alison Grizzle was a high school mathematics teacher for 15 years, won the Alabama Teacher of the Year Award, and went to work for the Alabama State Department of Education for three years. Ready for something new, Alison went on to found her own consultancy group, Clearview Strategy Partners, in November 2017. 

She later became a Predictive Index (PI) Certified Partner and attended the LAUNCH Partner Training in November 2018. In less than one year, Clearview Strategy Partners has already signed 14 clients using PI. Read more below about how Alison paired her expertise with the PI solution to grow her business and strategically support her clients.

Alison Grizzle

Q: What first drew you to PI?

A: “My husband and I own Starnes Media, which includes seven local community newspapers and a digital agency. Four years ago, we went through some transitions and needed to scale our business. My husband’s friend worked at The Predictive Index® and introduced us to the software. At the time, our focus was around better hiring, so we became clients of PI.

In November 2017, I transitioned careers and opened my own consultancy, and Starnes Media became my first client. After one year, I decided to expand my business beyond our company and was ready to drive something else. Our friend said PI was looking for partners and I said, ‘Let’s try it.’”

Q: Can you walk me through the timeline of adding PI and the success you’ve enjoyed since then?

A: “I went back up to another training at The Predictive Index in January and then I participated in a more intensive training program on PI in February. I spoke at a number of Vistage group events as well, and since February, I have landed 14 clients. PI created a business for me.”

Q: How have you become one of the fastest-growing partners at PI?

A: “Everyone always tells me that I’m one of the fastest-growing partners. I think the difference is that I didn’t add PI as a secondary business; I went all in, and this is it for me.”

Q: Can you provide an example of a time you helped transform a client’s business using the PI platform paired with your expertise?

A: “One of the clients I picked up had been through a buy-out. There were three primary owners and the three of them were trying to figure out: How do we work as a team? I came in with Team Work Styles and did an initial workshop with them on how they’re each wired, how they interact as a team, what their strengths are, and where there was a possibility for conflict. 

When I got to talking about conflict, they were surprised to hear the things that had been blocking them from moving forward in the last three to five years. Understanding their behaviors and coaching them around that has transformed their leadership team. They’ve made more progress in the last three months than they’d made in the prior three years.”

Q: In this example, do you think you could have achieved the same level of success without PI?

A: “No. The whole way I was able to identify what was going on was with the use of PI. What I do is analyze the [behavioral] patterns, then I say to myself, ‘Where do these people get momentum together and where are they going to find conflict?’ I use Team Work Styles and Group Analytics. 

The two-day leadership development course has been a great experience for my clients. We really dive in and use analytics to solve problems and create solutions. After the two-day workshop, several clients expressed that they’d accomplished more as a team in two days than they had accomplished in the prior two years. It really gives my executive teams an opportunity to work ‘on’ the business rather than ‘in’ the business.”

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