Tackling today's human capital challenges

From Apple to Starbucks, PI's CEO talks with a Corporate Trainer at Bank of the Pacific on what he learned about managing people at these major corporations, strategic human capital challenges facing Bank of the Pacific and how they tackle it, and the importance of C-suite buy-in.

What type of runner are you?

Whether you’re Shalane Flanagan or you’re lacing up your first pair, all runners have different training methods to achieve their personal best, and their natural drives and needs are going to determine how they go about doing that.

Why leaders need to be more self-aware

Managers who have little idea of how they are coming across to others, who aren't fully conscious of the effects of the messages they are sending, have difficulties with employees. On the other hand, managers who seem more insightful about their relationships with others generally get along better with employees and are more effective.