Olivier is the VP of professional services at PI.

marketing team members aligning on strategy

Leadership lessons from disaster management: Are you reacting or responding?

8 min read

The essence of disaster management includes how to acknowledge, and adapt to a highly fluid situation.

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How to increase market share

6 min read

Read this blog to learn how to increase market share and be a long-term market leader in your industry.

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3 smart ways to improve forecast accuracy

5 min read

If you want to tackle your goal of improving forecast accuracy, you need to look through a people lens. Here are 3 steps you can take.

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leadership meeting strategic disagreement

The cost of strategic disagreement

4 min read

Strategic disagreement comes at a high cost. Learn how to identify strategic disagreement and align leaders around strategy in this blog.

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PI VP of Professional Services Olivier Aries leading business process improvement

6 ways to ensure business process improvement

6 min read

Business process improvement is critical for organizations looking to scale and improve efficiency. Stuck on where to begin? Here’s a six-step guide.

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preparing for disruption the predictive index

Preparing for disruption

7 min read

Disruption is a gradual and insidious process—one that companies are increasingly learning to strategize around. Learn to embrace disruption in this blog.

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