Sarah is a science product manager at PI. She spends most of her spare time caring for and riding horses.

Discussing the 17 PI Reference Profiles

Is the PI Behavioral Assessment accurate?

6 min read

It’s a question we get a lot: How accurate is the PI Behavioral Assessment™? Here’s some recent survey data that should help set the record straight.

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CEOs: The opportunity you’re missing with HR

3 min read

What if your perception of HR was having a negative impact on your business? Science tells us it might. Learn why HR is more important than you think.

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employee speaking

Gendered wording in job advertisements sends the wrong message.

5 min read

Gendered wording could be making an impact on your ability to recruit and hire a diverse workforce. Learn how to avoid gendered wording in this blog.

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what I learned at SIOP 2019

The three most surprising talent facts I learned at SIOP 2019

3 min read

Every year, we learn something new about talent from the SIOP conference. Here were our three top takeaways for 2019.

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Woman working on laptop

How to predict job success

7 min read

Hiring new employees can sometimes feel like a high-stakes game of chance. You screen a resume, conduct an interview, follow up on a few references… and hope for the best. But there are ways to better predict job success—and they’re not necessarily complicated. In addition to the resume, interview, and references you usually include as…

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conference room

What are validity studies?

10 min read

Have you ever witnessed someone trying to tell a spooky ghost story, only to be silenced by someone matter-of-factly stating that they don’t believe in ghosts? This situation has always been a somewhat annoying one to me because, while I’m personally very skeptical of the existence of ghosts, I like to hear a good ghost…

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5 ways the PI Behavioral Assessment predicts fitness habits

4 min read

By Sarah Mulvey

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Personality matters: What I learned as a high school teacher

4 min read

Rachel was a star student. She was in my homeroom and my first period English class, so I saw her all morning and was responsible for reviewing her grades. This sweet girl had one best friend, but she didn’t really talk to anyone else. She was silent throughout every class unless called on to answer…

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