Guardian background


    Guardians are usually unselfish and approachable, with a focus on work that requires skill and great attention to detail. They are thoughtful, steady and reliable. Things don’t accidentally fall through the cracks in a Guardian’s world—they like structure and precision, and tend to be perfectionists.

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    Signature work styles

    Guardians tend to be quite serious and formal at work, compared to many of their colleagues. They like structure and detail and tend to want to complete a task themselves, to ensure it is done properly. They dislike conflict or chaos. They prefer to find areas of agreement and then to follow agreed-upon processes to execute on those ideas. Conservative, diligent and cautious, you will not find Guardians taking many risks. They like to color inside the lines.

    Working with a Guardian

    Key attributes




    Time to trust others
    Freedom from changing priorities
    Freedom from risk of error


    Anticipates problems
    Thoughtful communicator
    Good listener
    Builds structure & plans

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