Specialists are cautious, introspective, and highly loyal to authority. They value details and need to fully understand a topic before making decisions. Supportive and collaborative, they don’t obsess over having things their way—but they do obsess over getting things right.

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    Signature work styles

    You’ll need to give a Specialist time. Time to get to know the team before they will trust them. Time to think before they speak. Time to immerse themselves in all the details before they make decisions about what to do. Conservative, introspective, and careful, the Specialist wants to be certain they are right before they speak or act. They will be the ones quietly reading the fine print while others are loudly debating a course of action. Once they do move forward, you can be certain they will be rock-solid and dependable. They are always highly responsive to the needs of the team.

    Working with a Specialist

    Key attributes


    Accepting of policies


    To work with facts
    To work at a fast pace
    Understanding of rules


    Understanding, collaborative
    Thoughtful communicator
    Strong discipline & execution
    Highly responsive, careful

    Ayse Hosein
    A Specialist's story

    Hear what PI's Ayse Hosein has to say about being a Specialist.

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