Scholar background


Scholars are driven by the desire to achieve mastery of their subjects. Often reserved, they tend to work independently as they pursue that knowledge. Scholars value stability and consistency and are analytical and disciplined—with exceptional follow-up skills.

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Signature work styles

Scholars tend to be quiet and solitary, but if you get them talking about their area of expertise they will be authoritative and informative. They are cautious and analytical—both about how they process information and in how they make decisions. They prefer to follow established protocols, acting very deliberately and methodically to ensure things are done properly. If possible, they will do a task themselves rather than handing it off to others who may not be as knowledgeable or reliable.

Working with a Scholar

Key attributes




Time for reflection
Stable work environment
Freedom from risk of error


Data-driven, analytical
Strong discipline and execution
Organized and thorough
Good at following up

Kristy Sheikh
A Scholar's story

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Scholar background