Controller background


    Controllers are self-disciplined and fast-paced— always driving themselves to get things right. Controllers are typically straightforward, responsible and factual. They work hard to develop technical expertise, respect authority and operate within established guidelines.

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    Signature work styles

    Keep calm and ask the Controller. The Controller is always on top of every detail. They have a copy of the rulebook memorized and are continuously monitoring all of your data for compliance—so whatever your question might be, they can usually give you a quick, factual answer. They are very decisive, but are also sticklers for the letter of the law. Don’t ask them to make a wild guess, take a crazy risk, or break the rules for you.

    Working with a Controller

    Key attributes




    Autonomy in problem-solving
    Room for introspection
    Fast paced work environment
    Understanding of rules


    Builds strong, structured plans
    Anticipates problems
    Proactive and results-oriented
    Has respect for authority

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    Controller background