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Make the most of 2024 with these PI-inspired resolutions.

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Happy New Year! Wherever and however you celebrated, we hope you’re feeling refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges in 2024.

At The Predictive Index, we know the importance of setting team goals, especially in the spirit of growth. But we also recognize that growth starts, first and foremost, with ourselves. That’s an individual journey that’s unique to every single one of us.

That’s not to say we can’t embark on that journey in unison. As a fun way to kick off the new year, we surveyed a few PIoneers and came up with a set of resolutions based on each of the 17 PI Reference Profiles.

Here’s what we came up with:

Analyzers: “Create a budget.”

Analyzers are disciplined and self-motivated, with a preference for detailed, analytical work. These personalities live for the data and love confirming their intuition with facts.

So, what better way to kick off the new year than with a good old-fashioned Excel spreadsheet? Whether you’re monitoring your expenses, saving for a future trip, or managing your free time, start planning now. No, it’s not glamorous, but a detailed budget will help you enjoy the more exciting moments to come.

Controllers: “Lead a lunch-and-learn.”

Controllers are technical, detail-oriented, and introspective. They love keeping themselves busy, often anticipating problems and proactively troubleshooting solutions. These are folks you can rely on to whip up a set of guidelines, implement them, and follow them to the finest detail.

In 2024, the Controller should leverage—and challenge—their expertise by hosting an open-door (literal or virtual) lunch-and-learn event. Create a slide deck on a subject you’re passionate about, then set a date on the company calendar. If presenting to a larger group sounds daunting, consider capping the number of seats. You can always do a sequel!

Specialists: “Challenge what you know.”

Specialists are collaborative, responsive, and loyal. They thrive on rules, and love the opportunity to work with facts. Though skeptical or cautious when faced with something new, the Specialist is often the first to commit once they understand the “what,” “why,” and “why now” behind a decision. 

This year, Specialists should lean into ambiguity. Seek familiarity with a topic you’re less familiar with, or challenge an existing notion that might have another layer. Chat with people with a different point-of-view than yours, so you can develop a new vantage point of understanding.

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Strategists: “Make a five-year plan.”

Strategists are big-picture thinkers who also appreciate the finer details. With their ability to problem-solve and their sharp focus on results, Strategists can whip up a playbook and follow it to a T.

So, instead of a year-long resolution, the Strategist should up the ante and make a multi-year action plan. We’re talking big moves, major career changes, and—heck—depending on where you’re at, perhaps even a retirement strategy. Draw up those Xs and Os!

Venturers: “Invent something new.”

Venturers are driving, goal-oriented people who crave freedom from structure. These individuals are always looking to buck the status quo and try something new. For the Venturer, failure isn’t a roadblock, but merely another opportunity to tinker and iterate.

This profile is the perfect candidate to disrupt the market in 2024. Create something we’ve never seen before! Design a revolutionary mobile app; invent the new “chess.” Heck, flying cars and zero-calorie fries are probably a distant dream, but if anyone should get close, it’s the Venturer.

Individualists: “Go backpacking in Europe.”

Individualists are methodical and strong-minded. They walk the earth with confidence, going where they want and doing what they please—even if it means journeying solo. Though analytical, Individualists prefer the bigger landscape over smaller minutiae.

If the wayfaring imagery didn’t give it away, the Individualist’s 2024 resolution is to travel the world—or at least the outdoors. Pack the essentials, get a lift from your friend with the minivan, and find the biggest trail to hike. You might need sign-off for that two-month sabbatical, but the memories you’ll make are worth the effort. (If you can’t get the time off, bring the laptop and work remotely.)

Scholars: “Pursue that degree.”

Scholars are prototypical academics: introspective, organized, data-driven, and deliberate. They love to pursue knowledge and deepen their understanding of a specific field. If you have a burning question that’s perhaps a bit niche, there’s no better subject matter expert than a Scholar.

A Scholar may well have this on their to-do list, but we’ll say it here for encouragement: Get that paper! Whether you’re looking at a diploma, part-time classes, a PhD track, or just a new certification to add to the resume, let your love for learning fuel you in 2024.

Altruists: “Take more time off.”

Altruists are collaborative, harmonious, easy-going, and just straight-up nice. If you ever need help with a project or simply wish to talk to a friend, the Altruist is there for you.

Originally, we had “Give back to the community” as this profile’s 2024 New Year’s resolution. But, let’s be honest: Altruists probably already do that. Instead, it feels fitting to push Altruists outside of their comfort zone and encourage them to focus their support inward. 

Schedule some time off. Patron your local spa. Be “selfish” for a day! OK, you probably won’t be selfish, but you get the idea.

Captains: “Drive across the country.”

Captains are independent, strong-willed self-starters. They love a new challenge, especially when it involves driving something forward. They have no problem delegating, and have confidence that their direction is the right direction.

In 2024, it’s time to abandon the physical office—at least for a few weeks—and take that independence onto the open road. Organize a cross-country trip with a few of your closest friends. If you’re feeling adventurous, ditch the GPS for a printed map and let a wrong turn (or a few) guide you. No backseat driving, though!

Collaborators: “Plan a group trip.”

Collaborators are the ultimate team players. They’re cooperative, empathetic, and patient—a lifesaver when tensions are high. When there’s a fire drill, they’ll calmly grab the extinguisher and say, “No worries; we’ve got this.” They know how to find comfort in any scenario.

In 2024, we recommend these social butterflies take flight—literally. Plan a trip with your best friends, or, heck, maybe even some close acquaintances. Create a shared Google Doc, jot down a list of destinations and a proposed itinerary, and work together to make your grand voyage happen.

Mavericks: “Start a business.” 

Mavericks are the dreamers of the world. They think big, fail fast, and always look for ways to wow and dazzle. To the Maverick, risk is like cereal—something best enjoyed daily, preferably with a cup of coffee. They’re innovative, boundary-pushing, and willing to bet on themselves.

A Maverick likely already has “an idea” floating around in their head. This year, they should take that inkling and turn it into a full-blown business. Embrace your inner entrepreneur. Build a website (or pay someone to do it), and start marketing your offering to friends, family, and anyone else with a checking account.

Persuaders: “Build a dream team.”

Persuaders are expert motivators who can energize a room from silence and rally co-workers around a shared goal. Their ability to make decisions and delegate tasks makes them particularly effective project managers.

This year will inevitably have its challenges, but Persuaders are well-primed to handle them. Whether you’re looking to build a project team or win your local intramural soccer league, use your Persuader chops to assemble your Avengers squad, Tony Stark-style, and hit your next milestone. 

Promoters: “Launch a podcast.”

Promoters are charismatic, collaborative, and outgoing. They’re informal, preferring freedom from structure and rules. They also love to chat—about themselves, about you, about that movie they saw last week… about anything, really. When you need a hype-person or cheerleader, the Promoter has your back.

This year, Promoters should channel that charm and invite everyone to listen along. That’s right! We’re talking podcasts: true crime stories, celebrity gossip recaps, programming deep dives, etc. If a Promoter finds it fascinating, others will too.

Adapters: “Mend a relationship.”

Adapters are empathetic and flexible. Their behavioral drives are less pronounced than the typical Reference Profile, which gives them versatility in how they show up to work each day. A natural bridge-builder, the Adapter excels at understanding where someone is coming from—so they can meet them halfway there.

2024 is a blank slate, providing a fresh opportunity to make connections—and repair old ones. Take time during the coming months to reach out to someone you haven’t spoken with in a while. It could be a college buddy, a former co-worker, or a friendly face at your local café. Start up the conversation and see where it leads. You might just find a new confidant.

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Artisans: “Try a new hobby.”

Artisans are thoughtful, deliberate, and precise. With an eye for detail and a steady hand, this profile relishes the opportunity to do a job, and do it well. Artisans don’t tend to be the loudest personalities in the room; instead, they let their handiwork do the talking.

With such a diligent focus on their “craft,” the Artisan’s resolution in 2024 is clear: Try something new. Your new specialty doesn’t have to be work-related; perhaps it’s painting canvases or doing community theater at night. Wherever your passion lies, follow it—and do the great work you always do.

Guardians: “Finish that manuscript.”

Guardians are structured, diligent, and reliable. They’re perfectionists—people who savor the details, take pride in their expertise, and observe others with the eyes of a hawk. If Joe the CEO sends out an email with a rogue typo or errant comma splice, the Guardian is likely first to notice.

As the adage goes, though, “Perfect is the enemy of great.” This year, the Guardian should use its editorial vigilance to its advantage. How? By penning that manuscript it—you—have always wanted to write. Maybe you fancy yourself a bookworm or cinephile. Maybe you enjoy Angelou and Frost. Take whatever ingredients you’ve got in that noggin, and get cooking.

(Writer’s note: I am the Guardian. I am talking about myself.)

Operators: “Do something that scares you.”

Operators are patient, pragmatic, cooperative, and conscientious. They enjoy structure in their day-to-day, and appreciate reassurance in the face of change. To the Operator, the status quo brings stability and comfort.

So, it might not be their first choice of resolution, but in 2024, we challenge Operators everywhere to try something “scary.” No, you don’t need to scale Everest or jump out of a plane; even something as simple as trying a new food or movie genre can provide a small thrill.

What are your 2024 New Year’s resolutions?

Have your own resolutions and personal goals for 2024? We’d love to hear them. Follow The Predictive Index on LinkedIn and let us know what you plan to accomplish in the new year.


David is a content writer and editor at PI. He loves Broadway and the Boston Celtics.

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