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OPTIMA 2020 consulting conference

The 7 best consulting conferences of 2020

5 min read

Looking to get the most out of your consultancy? Here are seven consulting conferences in 2020 you can attend to take your practice to the next level.

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Consultants talking at the OPTIMA 2019 conference

5 essential reasons to attend consulting conferences

3 min read

Consulting conferences are more than just fancy meetups; they offer value that can grow your firm. Here are five great reasons to attend an upcoming event.

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a manager-employee relationship

Is it OK to be friends with your manager?

8 min read

It’s a question employees and bosses alike often ask: Is it OK to be friends with your manager? We asked people across The Predictive Index® for their own takes.

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conversation at PI

The cultural framework that can transform your business

6 min read

Culture is more than just soccer leagues and catered lunches; it’s an important part of your strategy. Read on to learn more about organization culture—and what it can do for your business.

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Consultant speaking to room of executives

5 common consulting pain points—straight from CEOs

5 min read

It’s a question consultants always ask: What do executives really want? Here are five common consulting pain points, straight from the mouths of CEOs.

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The truth about Veterans in the workplace

5 min read

In honor of Veterans Day, we sat down with Dr. Matt Poepsel, a former Marine, to chat about Veterans in the workplace.

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