47' brand leader

The one trait all great leaders must possess

4 min read

To become a great leader you must take control over one major part of yourself: your ego. Keeping your ego in check is a lifelong pursuit.  As Charles Duhigg explained in his book “The Power of Habit,” our bodies naturally want us to create habitual behaviors. Basically, our brains try to find the most efficient way…

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Larry O'Toole of gentle giant giving an interview with predictive index

A candid interview with a gentle giant

1 min read

“The most important person you’ll hire is the first person. That way everybody after will have to meet that same high standard.” – Larry O’Toole, founder of Gentle Giant This was just one of several insights the founder of Gentle Giant, Larry O’Toole, shared when he sat down for a candid interview with our Sr….

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11 ways to build a strong recruiting pipeline

6 min read

We all remember the moment when we finally understood the importance of having a strong recruiting pipeline. It’s the same moment we acknowledged that we’d been underestimating the amount of time and energy needed to really attract top talent. Feeling overwhelmed and underprepared each time you recruit for a position should not be the norm….

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5 ways to avoid email misinterpretations

7 min read

Text, email, Facebook Messenger, heck, let’s even throw snail mail in there—nowadays, there are a ton of ways to communicate with our peers without having to interact face to face. And because of the ease and convenience, we have become dependent on these tools as our first form of communication. The problem is, the written…

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Two coworkers laughing in meeting

Workplace confidence: Your ultimate guide

10 min read

When I began contemplating workplace confidence, I started to think about the confident people I work with and how they deal with both mundane and tough decisions. What was the fundamental trait they all exhibited on a daily basis, especially in times of stress and pressure? Ownership.  Confident leaders and employees habitually own everything they…

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Employees in meeting

21 pro tips for finding and hiring top talent

8 min read

Hiring managers in every sector are finding it increasingly difficult to attract top talent to their organization. Why?

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