Ted is head of partner activation at PI. He homeschools his four kids, along with his amazing wife.

How to build leadership capacity

Self-awareness: How do you measure your progress?

8 min read

How would you go about measuring and improving your self-awareness? I recently shared one of our blogs about self-awareness as an upskilling endeavor with my network, encouraging people to note this particular snippet: “Increasing self-awareness is also a matter of professional development. You can view it on the same priority tier as attending workshops, reading…

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10 inspirational quotes about hard work

9 min read

If you’re working hard day after day to reach your dreams, these inspirational quotes about hard work might give you the motivation to keep going. 

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build a five-star sales team with talent optimization

Build a five-star sales team with talent optimization

13 min read

Building a successful sales team is no easy task. Fortunately, talent optimization helps you design, hire, and inspire winning teams.

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Manager speaking during meeting

How to sell an idea to resistant team members

4 min read

Whether you have a business idea you’re ready to pitch, or a team to lead into the next quarter, it’s important to know how to sell an idea. Unfortunately, the very prospect of “selling” something can turn off team members. This is because selling suggests there’s a better or equal alternative—even when there isn’t. So…

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Man working on laptop

My life as a PI Strategist

7 min read

Hi there! My name is Ted and I’m a Strategist. I’m also the Director of Inside Sales at The Predictive Index. I’m responsible for sales from PI headquarters directly to businesses all over the U.S. I have the best job at PI because I get to help businesses solve their talent challenges in ways that…

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