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PI Perform’s Manager Analytics Dashboard helps monitor and develop operational excellence

3 min read

The Manager Analytics Dashboard in PI Perform gives team leaders a comprehensive pulse for how they’re adhering to management best practices, answering questions before they’re asked.

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A group of people collaborating to discover their business team type.

The 5 communication styles and how to use them effectively

11 min read

Understanding the different communication styles of our team members builds trust, improves interpersonal skills, and enables efficient and effective decision making.

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the change Facebook drastically needs

How to apply the Kübler-Ross Change Curve™ in the workplace

8 min read

Major changes in a work environment, whether they be adjustments to management, updates to office technology, or staff changes, can be hard for a team to get used to and incorporate into their day-to-day routine. Enter the Kübler-Ross Change Curve™.

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Onboarding meeting questions to welcome new team members

9 min read

Starting a new job is tough, and it’s up to you as a manager to make your new team members feel welcome. The most effective way to get started is with an onboarding meeting. Learn about the benefits of an onboarding meeting.

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A team of four people sits around a table and creates a talent management strategy

What is an Adaptability Quotient? How to improve your adaptability

7 min read

Technology, culture, and the economy are evolving faster pace than ever before. The ability to adapt plays a critical role in the success of a business.

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4 habits of effective senior leadership teams

The complete guide to leading effective all-hands meetings

14 min read

All-company meetings should cover relevant information while addressing core values and goals. But they also present opportunities for leadership teams to clarify goals, answer employee questions, and unify staff.

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