Nancy is the talent optimization architect at PI. She almost went to law school; thankfully it didn't work out.

4 simple ways I’ve tried to be more inclusive at work

6 min read

Inclusion doesn’t stop with your employees; it also applies to your customers. Here are four simple ways to build on this mindset.

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Good employees leave bad managers

Strategy alignment solution wins prestigious HR technology award

10 min read

The Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards 2019 recognized PI’s Design product as a winner in Best Advance in Unique HR Technology category.

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Nancy Dabu blog

Pre-hire assessments saved my resume from the trash

6 min read

“I would have thrown her resume in the trash,” my former boss said to our new sales trainees.  I was standing right there. I had been a top performer on her team for a year—yet I was not offended in the least. Why would I be? She was right.  Let me give you the back…

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