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software solutions for talent optimization

Introducing the first talent optimization technology market map

1 min read

Are you a business leader trying to choose which software solutions are right for you? This talent optimization technology market map will help you decide.

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talent optimization technology tools

Into the talent-verse: the rise of the talent optimizer

7 min read

The Predictive Index® has created the first talent optimization technology market map! Head into the talent-verse to learn how talent optimization can make you the Spider-Man of the business world.

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Not all millennials are the same

How to manage different generations at work

5 min read

The American workforce comprises people from five different generations. At many companies, 20-somethings work alongside much older workers in similar roles. You might worry that differing attitudes toward work can cause a generational divide among your employees. And when leadership doesn’t understand how to manage different generations, this rift can and does happen. But a…

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