Greg is the SVP of science at PI.

Employee working on white board

6 reasons to use a cognitive ability test for hiring & employment

5 min read

If you’ve ever hired a new employee, you know that success can be a game of chance. Get it right and everyone’s happy. Get it wrong and disaster can ensue.

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What is multivariate predictability?

4 min read

Multivariate predictability is one of those terms that can send even the most seasoned HR or talent management pro scrambling for a dictionary. Multi-what-now?

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How to understand different types of employee behavior in the workplace

6 min read

An explanation of how PI’s Behavioral Assessment works 60+ years ago, Arnold Daniels created the first version of the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ (BA). The design of the assessment was based on the works of William Marston and his book “Emotions of Normal People.” But Arnold’s workplace assessment tool also took inspiration from and followed the…

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Man entering interview

Why Google for Jobs means it’s time to get serious about assessments

3 min read

With Google ready to launch Google for Jobs, assessments will play an important role, as an overabundance of candidates flood the market

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What I learned from watching a bunch of losers

10 min read

8 tips for creating better performing organizations in business and sports

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Five ways to improve your sales team’s performance

3 min read

Rev up your sales team and kick your selling strategy into high gear with these five tips. Keeping your sales team engaged and enthusiastic is a balancing act. Focusing too heavily on weekly or monthly sales goals can cause your salespeople to get stressed out and lose morale, but goals with measurable results are necessary for…

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Is it extraversion or extroversion?

3 min read

We debunk the psychology behind this word and how you really should be spelling it. A lot of people ask the question, ‘what is the correct spelling of the word extraversion? Is it with an “A,” as in extraversion, or with an “O,” as in extroversion. We deal with this same thing here at PI…

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