Brian is the VP of product at PI. He flew satellites in college while earning his aerospace engineering degree!

What makes a successful team? The must-have qualities

6 min read

Is your organization set up for team success? Learn what qualities are integral to productive team-building and how you can get started today.

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5 examples of manager goals to prioritize

7 min read

When you establish specific goals at both the organizational and team levels, you instill accountability and purpose in your direct reports.

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employee working on laptop

How to inspire your managers to be steady, effective leaders

8 min read

This is an updated excerpt from our Surviving an Economic Downturn with Talent Optimization guide. You’ve come up with a revised business strategy. You’ve taken necessary and even difficult initial action in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.  The next steps are all about organizational resilience. Now you must inspire your people to push through…

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360 evaluations: everything you need to know

8 min read

360 evaluations are a development tool and a highly-effective way to build employee self-awareness. Companies can also use them to increase engagement and optimize talent through career pathing.

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