Laurel is the OPTIMA and events manager at PI. She's a licensed horseback instructor and owns a Dutch Warmblood horse.

remote work-life balance

4 keys to an efficient daily standup agenda

8 min read

The daily standup meeting has taken on new significance in the socially distanced workplace. On some days, it’s the only human interaction remote team members get.  More extraverted employees may find themselves chomping at the bit when these discussions start. They’re eager to share what they have going on, but that eagerness needs to be…

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consultant helping client navigate uncertainty using talent optimization

10 tips for consultants during an economic downturn

5 min read

Looking to better support your clients during this difficult time? Here are 10 tips on how to improve your consulting engagements.

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management consultants

What makes a good consultant? 156 surveyed CEOs reveal the answers

2 min read

We conducted a survey of 156 CEOs, presidents, and chairpeople as part of our What CEOs Really Want From Consultants Report. Here are four findings.

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