Face your workplace

Inspire confidence in yourself or others by calling in or listening to PI's new podcast in association with the American Confidence Institute, where Drew and Alyssa offer callers thought partnership and tackle real workplace confidence issues.

They are looking to help, not expose, so if you call in, you won't be required to use your real name or company.

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Difficult co-worker? Meddling micromanager? Tough team? Sabotaging self-talk?

No doubt, work perpetually challenges everyone’s confidence causing us to feel uncomfortable, unworthy, and unengaged.

Science-backed confidence coaching from two of the best in the biz.

Alyssa Dver

Leading the American Confidence Institute and author of six books to date, Alyssa is known as the world’s Chief Confidence Officer. Recognized as one of Boston’s Best Speakers and the coaches’ coach, Alyssa’s unique knowledge including both startup and corporate experience are leveraged as a judge for the annual Stevie’s Best Employer awards, as an MIT Professional Advisor, and Wharton Innovation Center adjunct trainer.

Drew Fortin

Drew is the SVP of Sales & Marketing at The Predictive Index (PI). Living up to his Maverick identification, Drew is the architect of the talent optimization movement, which is transforming the way companies around the world evaluate, lead, and measure employee contribution.

As a respected leader and industry visionary, Drew draws from a rich corporate background, including Staples, HubSpot, and Compete.