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How to take action on employee engagement survey results

8 min read

By taking any action on employee engagement survey results, you’re doing right by your people. But the survey is just step one.

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Where are our remotes?! The Hybrid Olympics Chronicles

14 min read

The PI People Ops team just pulled off an unprecedented Hybrid Office Olympics. Let me elaborate by walking you through my week as a remote Office Olympian.

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How to lead your most productive meetings yet in a hybrid workplace

7 min read

While running hybrid meetings may sound daunting, don’t let them intimidate you. With thoughtful consideration and a bit of planning, you can lead productive meetings in just about any workplace setting.

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Encourage learning and development by using an employee review template.

9 min read

Do you need an employee review template? It’s a valuable resource to have on hand, serving as a starting point for reviews and performance appraisals, and guiding first-time managers less accustomed to these pivotal yet tricky conversations.

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The 5 characteristics of dysfunctional teams

7 min read

Dysfunctional teams can cripple an organization. To prevent dysfunction in teams, you need an understanding of the “where” and the “why,” in addition to the more obvious “who.” 

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23 questions to ask on your employee engagement survey

The best employee engagement software for 2021

16 min read

Discover the top 15 employee engagement software platforms to measure employee sentiment, increase engagement, and reduce turnover.

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How to handle your customer success team’s hybrid work challenges

12 min read

As businesses have moved to remote and hybrid operations, one nagging problem persists: How do companies navigate the inevitable customer success team challenges?

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Who’s coming back to the office?

5 min read

Who’s coming back to the office? The answer to this question is crucial to making the most of a hybrid world. Here’s why.

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liminate gender bias in your hiring the predictive index

How to conduct a one-on-one interview: Advantages, questions to ask, and traits to look for

7 min read

Learn how to conduct a successful one-one-one interview, ask strong interview questions, and find the right behavioral traits for the role.

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