Craftsman background


    A Craftsman is thoughtful, deliberate, and precise, with an eye for managing detail-work and always following through. They are collaborative, but they’ll also work quietly and diligently on their own. They’re not self-promoters but like recognition for their efforts.

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    Signature work styles

    A Craftsman will be the quiet backbone of your team. They’ll always listen far more than they speak. If they are talking, it’s usually because they are seeking direction or asking clarifying questions about the project before heading off to get started. This team member can always be relied on to get the job done carefully and on-time, and they are often ingenious in their problem-solving.  A Craftsman will delegate when it makes sense, but they are not comfortable with freewheeling or improvisation.

    Working with a Craftsman

    Key attributes




    Room for introspection
    Stable work environment
    Specific knowledge of the job


    Anticipates problems
    Thoughtful communicator
    Good listener
    Builds structure & plans

    Roberta Dombrowski
    A Craftsman's story

    Hear what PI's Roberta Dombrowski has to say about being a Craftsman.

    My life as a Craftsman
    Craftsman background