The PI Software and Science

Master the software basics

Regardless of your business objectives, you’ll need to master the basics of getting your PI account set up in order to achieve long-term success. You’re here because your organization believes that optimizing your talent through aligning your business strategy to your people strategy is integral to achieving your desired business results. Watch the video below to learn some basics to get started in the PI software.

Virtual Onboarding | PI Basics

Here are some guides to help you master the basics of the PI software.

Add new users

To make sure PI is successfully implemented, you’ll want to identify champions throughout your organization. Executives, managers, recruiters, and cross-functional leaders all make great champions and can benefit from having direct access to PI’s insights and tools. Note that there are 4 different access levels to choose from, which you can learn more about at the link below.

Once you’ve identified your PI team, make sure they have access to the software! Creating a software user takes less than a minute and helps ensure people insights are incorporated into your employees’ day-to-day. Watch the clip below to see how.

Link: User management

Folder structuring

Keeping your people data organized will ensure that you can quickly and efficiently leverage the people data you’re collecting… instead of wasting time searching through a long, unsorted list of data.It’s important to always know where your data is, while adhering to data privacy standards. We’ve created a folder structure best practice resource to make this as simple as possible for you. Watch the clip below to learn more.

Link:  Folder management

Send assessment

Collecting people data through Behavioral Assessments is the key to unlocking all of the benefits The Predictive Index has to offer in order to optimize your talent at every level. Sending assessments to your employees has never been easier. With a few simple clicks, you can create a custom invitation link for sending assessments-  It all starts in the Assessment Center. Watch the clip below to see how you can create a custom invitation link for sending assessments with just a few clicks!

Link: Send a behavioral and cognitive assessment

The more users you have in the PI platform, the more success you will see.

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