Understanding behaviors with PI

Head, heart, briefcase

A job candidate is more than a list of experiences, education and references on a piece of paper. To better understand their fit for a job, assess their behavioral drives and cognitive ability (head), their values and interests (heart), along with their knowledge, skills, and experience (briefcase).

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The whole person shows up at work- the head, the heart and the briefcase

The information that you can gain from the PI Behavioral Assessment and the Cognitive Assessment is just part of the whole. We don’t want you to walk away thinking that these two assessments are the only thing to consider when trying to understand how productive someone will be at work. It’s a very helpful piece of data, but certainly not the whole story.

Our research has found that once employees understand how PI will help them in their day-to-day, they’re more likely to feel comfortable taking the assessment! We also know that it can be difficult to explain a new tool to your organization. So, if a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth more.

Use this video to explain what The Predictive Index is to your organization and how it will help your people perform at their best.

Introduction to PI

Not sure when to send out this video? Here are some options:

  • When you’re discussing the value of PI with executive leadership.
  • During lunch and learns. Add the link to this video in any deck you’re leveraging.
  • When you send out the PI announcement email. Simply include the link within the email.

Head is a person’s behavioral drives and cognitive abilities
Heart is a person’s values and interests
Briefcase is a person’s knowledge, skills, and experience

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