Keys to PI Implementation Success

Identify SMEs + champions

Amplify PI’s presence across the organization through a team of internal experts & champions.

Consider these types of roles when identifying your subject matter experts (SMEs):

  • C-Suite
    This includes the COO, CAO, CHRO/CPO, CEO, etc.
  • Department of Business Unit leaders
    These individuals will be designing and managing teams
  • Rising people managers
    Development opportunities exist from a managerial and personal perspective
  • Talent Acquisition team + HR Operations
    Your talent team will be using the software for a multitude of reasons, and it is important to establish them as PI champions in the organization!

Why is this important?

The benefit of having a wide range of roles & levels represented in your implementation team includes an alleviated administrative burden on a single team or person. 

With more people throughout the organization trained to answer questions, advocate for the PI solution, and apply PI knowledge/recommendations within their departments & teams, the better positioned your company will be to have engaged, productive, high-performing employees.

In step one, you outlined what resources are available to allocate to training expenses. The final action for this step is to identify the most efficient and expedient way to get your SMEs to their 2-day Workshop.

Rising people managers are a good choice to be PI champions within your organization.

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